Monday, 19 December 2011

London Trip

Last Thursday we headed down to London with the Hamers for a quick hit of shopping and a few days break from the Peak. Still not having much luck with the weather so we're all training quite a lot and trying to stay as syked as possible!
We had planned on hitting the Alps for some skiing and snowboarding for New Year but that has been scrapped and now a trip to Turkey could be on the cards at the start of January, which would be incredible as none of us have ever been before and the place just looks sick! Plus the crag is uber close to the campsite so no long treks like France back in the summer! Next year looks like being a pretty big year for traveling for us all as Spain is a definite for Easter, then maybe France again, along with a potential trip to the USA! Have to see how the funds work out though first, but it'll be so good to visit all these places and take full advantage of the endless amount of free time we all have at the minute!
Check out the pictures and stuff from London and stay keen people! x

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Quick shoot in the woods

The new geezer

I'm sat looking at the mad weather unfold outside, what is going on right now with it all! Anyway thought I would upload a few pictures from a quick shoot we did at the weekend.
Even though the weather is hit and miss at the moment, its not quite as bad as it seems. I twisted my knee about a week ago, so the odd day chilling is giving it time to heal up. Hard to believe that this time last year we were all knee deep in snow!
We're all stoked for The Works party this Friday! And hopefully we might manage to get out a bit the following day... Anyway check out the pics, and would just like to mention and give a big shout out to our Cassie who came first in her local bouldering comp! Nice one you crusher! cheers x

Just to finish, spent a couple days at the Haddon crib last week, couple of videos of our hardcore training sessions, and some post send thoughts from Sam after he boshed out Master of Reality at Hen Cloud.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Cracks, Comps, and Dogs

We woke up Saturday morning to be greeted once again with shoddy conditions but decided to defy the weather and head out anyway hoping to salvage something. We ended up at Cracliffe where me and Sam sent the Reticent Mass Murderer, E4/5 6b. Quite tricky for E4 but yeah another old school classic test piece done. Can't imagine this thing gets many ascents but its just cool to be ticking the routes again. Ted joined us later after his crush fest at Nuda's where he got the 2nd ascent of Marks 'Stumped' a crazy V10! Then went on a bit of a mini rampage at The Stride, throwing laps on Ben's Wall. Tres bon youth.

Mega respect goes to Ed for 2nd place in his last junior comp in Kranj over the weekend. That is how to go out in style. Good one geezer SHIKADING!

Over haddon local chilling on the podium

This week we are all thinking of heading up to Ilkley to try some different stuff, lets hope again for decent weather. We may also have a new crag buddy joining us out on the grit shortly, in the form of Jet the dog.

Finally check out the footage a friendly geezer captured of Ted on Stumped.


Friday, 18 November 2011

And there was light!

It was good to finally see some sunshine over the weekend, even if we did have a pretty gash sesh at out on the grit, the weather has been so grim over the last couple weeks it has been hard to get stuff done which has frustrated the camp hugely. Saturday me and Sam hit Curbar hoping the place wouldn't be to soggy, it wasn't brilliant but we came away with a couple of small ticks, and was just good to be out really and see some blue sky! We all ended up at Apparent North on Tuesday, getting spat off the groveling nightmere of Skinless Wonder, it didn't yield but Ed saved the day by edging his way up Stanage Without Oxygen and then we all bailed for a huge, if not quite deserved, carvery and ice cream!
Its my graduation tomorrow so will be giving the grit a miss, but fingers crossed the weather improves for the coming week. Here are a few pictures from our grit questing. Cheers
And good luck to Ed in his first senior world cup this weekend in Kranj! Kill it bro, peace.

Setting up for the most bull mantel ever

Thursday, 3 November 2011

This is how we do it!

We've all been continuing the gritstone rampage in the last week, its been awesome to get back out to all these different crags and start getting involved again. Makes a change from the usual haunts of Chee Dale and The Tor!
Goliath was on the list of routes we were all syked to do, and after acquiring some badass cams it went down like a good un! Peace goes out to Tom Randall for this, cheers bro, that was for you.

Check the videos!


Sam gives us the lowdown on his rack!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Return of the GRIT!

Its that time of year again when the limestone starts to crap out, the temps begin to drop and the grit starts calling. I headed to the Cornice with Ted and Barrows at the weekend and things are difinitely dead down there, with most things soaked and looking pretty grim. We decided on bailing to Nuda's later in the afternoon where I cranked my way up 'The Vulcan" just an eliminate really but hard one at that! And Ted sent Enigma, as well as coming close on Stumped, a total 'out there' roof problem, I'm sure he'll crush it next visit. Cheers for the video homie! Follow the link to check it out.

Sunday it was all about the grit, we walked towards Froggatt, weighed down with pads and super syked for a change of scene. First up was the burly classic of Rambeu (7B) which was quickly dispatched before moving onto Teds main goal, Sole Power, a brilliant 7C highball arete originally E5 6c!
After getting some beta from Froggatt master Heason I was able to stick the crux and delicately move on up the arete and to the ledge! Wicked way to kick off the grit season and super stoked! Ted was next to send in the fading light and then Adam stepped up for another try and also dispatched. Awesome team send with a real good crowd, big up the guys who chucked their pads down with ours!
Just off to hit of Burbage South with the Hamers so in abit ya'll

Out x

Had a few pictures sent me from Revelations early in the season, nice one Matt.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Approaching season yeah!

Its been ages since the last post, however there hasn't been massive amounts of news to share, we have mostly been trying a couple of projects on and off, as the weather has been slightly unpredictable over the last few weeks. Had a trip up to Malham about a week ago with Zippy and crew and we are hoping to get up again sometime this week, if the snow holds off long enough...
We appear to have been suddenly hit by cold temps of late, so yesterday me and Sam hit up Froggatt for some first grit action of the season! We quested through the bracken searching for some of the blocs that lay off the beaten track, and it turned out to be dope conditions and a perfect grit evening!
Nudders has been getting some more action and recent ticks include 'Iron Flag' and 'Bobby Digital', really cool problems and its been good to see other people checking the place out just lately. I got pretty close on The Vulcan last time out, a frickin' tough eliminate that breaks out from the 7C Calorie Count, so we'll be back for that at some point.
Super syked for the grit, but I'm sure there is still a couple more weeks to squeeze in some more lime action, so hopefully we can get a few more ticks before getting stuck back into the other stuff!
Peace out ya'll

Chilling on the Catwalk, cheers Adam bru!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Dovers and Nudders

I've spent the last couple of days hanging out with the hamer boys at their ghetto Over Haddon crib! Saturday we drove to Dovedale to try JC's new 8a 'Sworn Enemy' which covers some amazing terrain before finishing up the classic Arch Enemies. Ed and Sam both got the second go tick so big up to them, but massive props to Jon for putting up this thing. A true and wicked line. I'm hoping to go back over the next week to finish it off and complete my full crag tick! Venga!
Sunday I took the geezers to the little unknown venue of Nuda's Tartan! Ted came along for this one and within a couple hours we just about ticked the crag between us, with some strong flashes from Ed. Word to Ted for crushing hard so close to his comeback from injury.
We are going to try get back on Gran Techo this week as well so hoping that goes good. Got a load of snaps from't dale below so check them out init.
And cheers to Denise for all the food, brews, and a mattress!