Thursday, 28 October 2010

Grit, Lime, Grit, Lime

Tried to get out on some of that grit last weekend but didn't even make it out of the car up Stanage man, was just total grimness. Massive FAIL! Soooo we bailed to La Tor, tried to get some motivation ont bubble with the other faithful and minced about for a while before giving Mecca a blast after dobbin had finished.
Got some wicked beta off Ted for the groove and quickly linked the top section together, then lowered off and headed home eager for another session at some point. Not before however belaying Stone on the successful ascent of his project!!! Very honored, historically mannn! Well stoked for him, good work mate!
Monday we's actually got out on the grit! Had a real cool few hours soloing around on some classics up Stanage. Clear skies, and cold temps made it feel amazing and was really good to just do loads of routes and get the feel of it all again.
Going to try it again at the weekend, hopefully it'll be better weather than last this time but we'll just have to see how it holds out I guess, anyway plenty of time for all that shizz. Well up for Black Car Burning!!

Spent a day route setting at The Face on Tuesday and today we've been back down the Tor. Made loads of progress on Mecca doing all the moves quickly again and getting some big links done. Its all starting to feel like it may be possible now but will most probably run out of time this year as only got a few weeks left before it'll be to cold to be on a rope but maybe I'll get lucky..........


PEACENESS to ya'all

Saturday, 16 October 2010


Finally managed to get the Weedkiller/Chimes link done today! Booom! After quite a few sessions falling at the last hurdle its at last in the bag. Really good temps out today and we iz just very syked to have sent this thing and to have done my first 8b! Yeah man Alle Alle!
Its weird how things happen sometimes, you just gotta be prepared to keep with it and eventually it'll all come together. Its all part of 'le progression' in the end, and the never ending learning curve. Its important to not get depressed over routes, you have to know that you'll do it and believe that you can. Doing this along with determination and the ability to not give in will eventually pay off. It can be hard but what would be the point if it wasn't right?
Sooo after the success on the linkup I tied into Mecca for a gander, really good to be on another bit of rock ha! Could be up for putting some days into this before it gets to cold to be hanging on a rope, we will see what is happening mann. Keen for la grit though now for sure. So many old ghetto projects to get done and new routes to try. Venga man venga!

Outzzzz x

Monday, 11 October 2010


Well the project still hasn't gone yet, been real close on the last few sessions, so close that it should have really been in the bag by now but I guess that's how it goes sometimes. Fell from the last hold a couple of times but still no cigar, thou I iz very keen to go back and send this week.... hopefully. Its definitely feeling like its game on for next time, but spose I said that last time....guess we wills see man. We just loves dis shizz.

Massive big up to JC for sending Mecca Extension today! Nice one dudee! Very inspiring and a hugee example that it'll all pay off in the end if you just stick with it!
Here is a picture from Robbie Shone of le man himself on the extension. Check some more of this guys work out here, its immense!

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