Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Quick shoot in the woods

The new geezer

I'm sat looking at the mad weather unfold outside, what is going on right now with it all! Anyway thought I would upload a few pictures from a quick shoot we did at the weekend.
Even though the weather is hit and miss at the moment, its not quite as bad as it seems. I twisted my knee about a week ago, so the odd day chilling is giving it time to heal up. Hard to believe that this time last year we were all knee deep in snow!
We're all stoked for The Works party this Friday! And hopefully we might manage to get out a bit the following day... Anyway check out the pics, and would just like to mention and give a big shout out to our Cassie who came first in her local bouldering comp! Nice one you crusher! cheers x

Just to finish, spent a couple days at the Haddon crib last week, couple of videos of our hardcore training sessions, and some post send thoughts from Sam after he boshed out Master of Reality at Hen Cloud.

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