Thursday, 16 January 2014


The Event:

On Saturday 8th February 2014 we  will be holding F-BO14,  The  Foundry Bouldering Open.   This will be a BIG one day  comp with a CASH prize list of £1700 plus other super spot prizes from our sponsors.  The Chief Setters will be Rob Napier and Percy Bishton with Mr Graeme Alderson as Chief Judge.  (For those old enough to remember, Graeme was the man behind  FIBO at The Foundry back in the 90′s).

The Sponsors:


Moon Climbing

Bleaustone / Lapis / Axis

The Clinic

CragX Climbing Shop


The Format:

A ‘score yourself’ qualification round with 25 problems starting from font4+.  Very similar to our normal bouldering league comps.  Set so  there will be plenty of problems in the font 5 to 6 range (equivalent to our level 1 and 2 problems in our circuits) so everyone can have a good climb in the qualification round.

The top 6 men and women  go through to an onsight final of 4 problems each which will be set on the wave/Bleasutone walls.

The comp has  Senior (18 or over on 8/2/14) and Junior age categories (age 10 years (chnaged from 12) to under 18 years on 8/2/14) as well as a Team event.  It is open to any climber who is at least 10 years old on the 8th Feb 2014.  However, please note  there will be no special junior problems set but again there will be plenty you should be able to have a good go at.

Team entry – In the qualification round any 3 people can make up a team on the day of the event,  just let us know on the day that you want to be part of a team.  You do need to be entered as an individual first, there is no extra cost to then be  part of a team.  Teams must contain at least one female climber.  Being in a team means you have a chance of winning more prizes!

Each competitor will receive an F-BO14 competition vest or T-shirt (for juniors) provided you pre enter on-line.

SPOT Prizes – There will be lots of prizes up for grabs by any climber  during  the qualification between 9.30am and 2.30pm.

Individual Prizes (Senior M&F):

1st: £350

2nd: £175

3rd: £100

4th: £60

5th: £40

6th: £20

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