Monday, 17 October 2011

Approaching season yeah!

Its been ages since the last post, however there hasn't been massive amounts of news to share, we have mostly been trying a couple of projects on and off, as the weather has been slightly unpredictable over the last few weeks. Had a trip up to Malham about a week ago with Zippy and crew and we are hoping to get up again sometime this week, if the snow holds off long enough...
We appear to have been suddenly hit by cold temps of late, so yesterday me and Sam hit up Froggatt for some first grit action of the season! We quested through the bracken searching for some of the blocs that lay off the beaten track, and it turned out to be dope conditions and a perfect grit evening!
Nudders has been getting some more action and recent ticks include 'Iron Flag' and 'Bobby Digital', really cool problems and its been good to see other people checking the place out just lately. I got pretty close on The Vulcan last time out, a frickin' tough eliminate that breaks out from the 7C Calorie Count, so we'll be back for that at some point.
Super syked for the grit, but I'm sure there is still a couple more weeks to squeeze in some more lime action, so hopefully we can get a few more ticks before getting stuck back into the other stuff!
Peace out ya'll

Chilling on the Catwalk, cheers Adam bru!

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