Monday, 19 December 2011

London Trip

Last Thursday we headed down to London with the Hamers for a quick hit of shopping and a few days break from the Peak. Still not having much luck with the weather so we're all training quite a lot and trying to stay as syked as possible!
We had planned on hitting the Alps for some skiing and snowboarding for New Year but that has been scrapped and now a trip to Turkey could be on the cards at the start of January, which would be incredible as none of us have ever been before and the place just looks sick! Plus the crag is uber close to the campsite so no long treks like France back in the summer! Next year looks like being a pretty big year for traveling for us all as Spain is a definite for Easter, then maybe France again, along with a potential trip to the USA! Have to see how the funds work out though first, but it'll be so good to visit all these places and take full advantage of the endless amount of free time we all have at the minute!
Check out the pictures and stuff from London and stay keen people! x

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