Sunday, 31 July 2011

End of the road...

Our time in Ceuse is drawing to a close and it will soon be time to pack up and head back to the Peak. Many of our crew have already returned home or moved onto their next destination, but their are still a few of us keeping it real here. We are on our final rest day before two full days of climbing were we are all hoping to send our projects and finish on a high. It has been an amazing four weeks out here, climbing at one of the best crags in the world, hanging out and visiting lots cool places. I'll try to get a full end of trip post done sometime when I get back home.

The crew in Gap ready for the Tour de France

Everyone has continued to tick their way through the classic lines here with Ed getting a number of awesome onsights of some the cliffs hard lines! Good F youth! Along with this we have all also continued to meet lots of new people and plenty of strong WADS, the latest are a bunch of South Africans who have been keeping the camp alive with us! Many thanks to Dirk Smith for spending a good few hours dangling from a rope snapping pictures of us all. I'll be posting them up when they are all available. Below are a couple he took the other evening. In the mean time check out the guys website to see some more of his work.

Sam on the upper section of L'ami Caouette (8a)

Carte Blanche

Finally a big shout out to Caff for his recent ascent of The Big Bang! Mega respect bro!
That is all geeza's! Peace out and catch you when we all get back home!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Ceuse continued...

We've been in Ceuse for a week now, hanging with everyone ticking their way through some of the classics. Its taken a while to get adjusted to the style here and build up a decent amount of of fitness but its feeling like we might be getting somewhere.
A few big sends have gone down with Ed ticking the 8b Violent Illusion earlier in the week and bagging an onsight of Soeurs Froides (8a+). Yesterday he also sent Ami de Tout le Monde, second go, another classic 8b of the crag. Luke also sent it second go and the rest of us are keen to put some work in to get it done as well! Respect!
Friday we drove into Gap to pick up Kitty from the station who will be joining us for a couple of weeks and after we headed up to the crag for a quick evening hit where a few of the guys sent Bourinator.
Our last rest day saw us take a trip to the gorge to check out the amazing swimming that we had heard about. Its a super cool place to hang out and chill with plenty of jumps and deep pools! We'll certainly be spending a lot of time there over the coming weeks. Check out the pictures!
A lot more people seem to have arrived in the last few days and we have continued to meet plenty of cool climbers from all over the world.
Most of the camp seem to be on a rest day today so we might all head back to the gorge or take a trip into town, chill out and hope for a send fest tomorrow! Bring on the pump!

Outs! X
Sam sending The Bourinator in the evening light

Monday, 4 July 2011


So we are all having a much needed rest day today, everyone is sat chilling around their tents slowly waking up. We spent around 10 hours up at the crag yesterday getting pumped and burnt to a crisp so we are all going swimming today in some amazing Gorge!
Yesterday was also a pretty good sesh for the crew with both Ed and Luke flashing the famous 8a Carte Blanche! Props to you boys! Its taking me a while to adjust to the climbing here as the routes are sooooo chuffing long and pumpy but I'm told that within a week we'll be tuned into the style and ready to crush! There are some incredible lines here, virtually every one a classic, its a super inspiring place with lots of syked people around. We've met some pretty cool climbers already from all over including some Spanish, German, Italian, American and of course plenty of French dudes! The walk-in yesterday took just under an hour and is a bit of a trek but I'm sure by the end of the trip we'll have it dialed, it certainly will get you fit. The campsite is pretty nice place to hang out with plenty of table tennis going down and the occasional campus session on the 45 board in the barn!

Ed flashing the classic 'Carte Blanche'

Biographie worship!Align Centre

The journey over here from England also went good with no major problems to report. We arrived in Nice Friday afternoon and was instantly greeted with heat that just pounded you in the face. After converging with some of the local crew we made our way to Hotel Pastoral, right in the centre of Nice and once checked in we bombed it down to the beach and took an amazing swim in the incredibly warm sea! I don't think the temperature dropped much below 28 degree for the rest of the night, which is amazing!

Anyway its time for a brew with the crew and sort out the plans for later. Only managed to sort through a few pictures so far but we'll get some more uploaded soon.

Peace out! Allez!