Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Return of the GRIT!

Its that time of year again when the limestone starts to crap out, the temps begin to drop and the grit starts calling. I headed to the Cornice with Ted and Barrows at the weekend and things are difinitely dead down there, with most things soaked and looking pretty grim. We decided on bailing to Nuda's later in the afternoon where I cranked my way up 'The Vulcan" just an eliminate really but hard one at that! And Ted sent Enigma, as well as coming close on Stumped, a total 'out there' roof problem, I'm sure he'll crush it next visit. Cheers for the video homie! Follow the link to check it out. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150340588646604

Sunday it was all about the grit, we walked towards Froggatt, weighed down with pads and super syked for a change of scene. First up was the burly classic of Rambeu (7B) which was quickly dispatched before moving onto Teds main goal, Sole Power, a brilliant 7C highball arete originally E5 6c!
After getting some beta from Froggatt master Heason I was able to stick the crux and delicately move on up the arete and to the ledge! Wicked way to kick off the grit season and super stoked! Ted was next to send in the fading light and then Adam stepped up for another try and also dispatched. Awesome team send with a real good crowd, big up the guys who chucked their pads down with ours!
Just off to hit of Burbage South with the Hamers so in abit ya'll

Out x

Had a few pictures sent me from Revelations early in the season, nice one Matt.

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