Thursday, 22 November 2012

Grit grit grit

So the last couple of weeks have seen us wrapping things up on the limestone and starting to get stuck into some grit again. It doesn't seem like 5 minutes since we were doing the same thing this time last year but here we are again, round and round we go! It is a great feeling to be back out on the edges, with so many routes to try. The only downside being how short the days are at this time of year... However you just gotta get stuck in! I've written up a big list of routes that I'd love to try this winter and I'm really excited to tick off as many as possible. We will SEE!

Here are just some of the stuff that we've been up to:

Ben's Roof Extenstion Start - V11
Weedkiller - 7c+
Pulsar Direct - E6 6b
Moon Crack - E5 6b
The Power of the Dark Side - E6/7/8 6b.....?

Sunset up at Higgar

 Dave setting up for the crux on Pulsar Direct, E6 6b
The weather has been pretty good as well with some decent temps coming along making things nice and sticky! Yesterday was one of those perfect gritstone days, cold, crisp and were everything is just right. We found ourselves up at Bank Quarry in Matlock to give Pearson's route 'The Power of the Dark Side' a try. When you first look up, you're like " **** that's high!" but once you get your head in the game it starts to become less daunting. The landing however is pretty dreadful, and if you were to blow it then a VERY spicey drop into the abyss below is beckoning.
It was a great feeling to top out on this anyway, just as the sun was going down and one of those moments were everything just clicks and comes together.
Originally this used to be given E8 but nowadays it seems to have settled around the E7 mark. But to be honest, I have no idea about these things, so screw it dawggg! A truly classic route, on a perfect set of holds and one of the best around I'd say. 

Big thanks to Matt Usherwood for coming out again and filming this for us, have a look at the short video he put together below.

Just had this short clip sent through as well of us on 'Let's Get Ready To Rumbleweed' at the Tor. Myself and Sam had a brilliant day out down here a month or so back. Good links! Cheers to Michael for sending us this!

Sam high up, post crux on Waddage, 8b - Respect! 
© Michael Bate

Oh we had a great time a couple weeks ago hanging out with our good friends Tanja and Sonja over from Deutschland. Really cool to see them again and we had some awesome days out introducing them to a bit of grit bouldering, fish and chips and the Sheffield party scene! 


Lastly just a quick reminder, I mentioned a few weeks ago the European Outdoor Film Tour kicks off this weekend in Manchester. There is some fantastic looking stuff lined up so if you are around or need some extra psyche come along! Tour dates are below, more info and tickets can be found here.

Here is the trailer!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Summer Shoot

Back in the middle of last summer, on a scorching hot day I headed out with Ed and Sam down the Tor to meet up with Keith Sharples for a bit of a photo shoot. Keith was keen to get some shots of Ed on Waddage for his new 2013 Calender. After this we got set up and I jumped on the 8a, Call of Nature. Big thanks to Keith for these below! Check out his website here where you can see more of his work and buy the new Calender which is out today. It looks pretty awesome!

I'm also very syked to be joining up with a several new companies. ProBalm, HatsfortheHill and LiquidGripUK. Big thanks to these guys for all their support! They make some really amazing stuff and I'm very syked to be representing and working with them. So check out their websites and give them a follow on Twitter etc. Cheers ya'll!