Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Gorge du Loup!

We have been hanging out in the Loup now for three weeks, climbing on some of the best tufa inFrance and once again meeting a bunch of awesome people along theway! I find meeting and getting to know all the different types ofpeople on these trips equally as good as the climbing. We are superexcited to be back in this part of the world again!
This is the first chance I've had toupload a blog here as the internet is pretty scarce around theseparts, but here is a quick rundown on whats been happening.

Some big sends have gone down in ourcamp, and from team Slovenia. Gasper and Izzy have both taken downtwo 8c's each! Big up to those guys!
We have also hooked up with a superstrong lad from Germany, who the other day sent 'Kickass' a 9aestablished by local kid Enzo the week before. Auf Gehts!

A few days ago now I managed to bustout probably one of the shortest routes at the Deverse Sector, thesuper powerful and bouldery 8b 'New Power Generation'. A pretty radlittle route for sure with some big moves!

We also have the sickest camp setupever, right on top of the gorge, with an amazing view of the sea! Andwith the crag only a 5 minute drive away it means you can just be100% focused on all the climbing.

I'm really syked to try and send asmany routes here as possible before we head off to Briancon for ashort while to hang with our good friend David Falt and sample someof the local crags there.

Will upload a load of pictures soon as we get chance! Thanks for checking in! Peace x