Thursday, 6 September 2012

Another summer and trip over

We have just got back from our 5 week trip in the south of France! It hardly seems real that we've been gone for that long, the days really do seem to just blend into one when you have nothing to do or worry about every day other than what route you're going to climb next. It's taking a while to get used to being back under a solid roof every night after all the time spent chilling in Billy Bongo the van.

We all had an absolutely rad time out there climbing at some fantastic crags in the gorge and hanging out in the Cote d'Azur, which is by far one of the coolest spots I've visited in France. We were joined out there by friends from Germany, Slovenia, Poland and quite a large party of Brits. There was always plenty of banter flying around the place between us all!

Some pretty sick stuff went down from everyone in our crew, with Ed on top of his game, ticking 3 8c's among a whole bunch of other impressive sends! Big waddage to me homie from Bakers!

The incredible sector of Deverse!

I tried one of the 8c's the youth did 'Quenelle Trophy' and felt like it's something I could definitely have a good chance of doing with some more time. Sadly though we ran out of this in the end and I wasn't able to give it some proper burns. But it got me pretty dam stoked! Next time...

As always on these trips we met another bunch of really awesome people from all over the world and witnessed some freaking dam impressive climbing from them as well. A short while after clipping the chains on New Power I watched a young girl from the French team step up and totally beast it. These European youths sure know where its at and how to crush!

Edwardo powering his way up 'New Power Sacrifice' 8c

So much happened over the period we were there for that it would be impossible to get it all down, and I know that too much writing can start to get boring so I'll leave you with all the pictures and let those tell the story again. Big up to everyone that made it such a bossin trip! VENGAA!

Right now we are busy planning our next trip... and getting syked for the grit season again, which is fast approaching! Lets hope for a good winter...

Thanks for stopping by, peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

New Power Generation! 8b

Qoussai, 8a+

German beast Daniel Jung taking a breather from his studies...

Another sweet effort from Pinti

Hot Chilli X, 8c - Izzy on the take-down!

Nat on her way to sending her first 8b! Sick effort!

Alex on Abyss, 9a!

Wasted! Climbing these 9a's is hard man!

The Lettered Man! Training in Antibes...

Gimps at large! Starting to lose our minds...

Some pedo lurking around the camp

Gourdon crew out in numbers

Our last bit of food...




Last night, waiting in Calais, before heading home!