Monday, 28 November 2011

Cracks, Comps, and Dogs

We woke up Saturday morning to be greeted once again with shoddy conditions but decided to defy the weather and head out anyway hoping to salvage something. We ended up at Cracliffe where me and Sam sent the Reticent Mass Murderer, E4/5 6b. Quite tricky for E4 but yeah another old school classic test piece done. Can't imagine this thing gets many ascents but its just cool to be ticking the routes again. Ted joined us later after his crush fest at Nuda's where he got the 2nd ascent of Marks 'Stumped' a crazy V10! Then went on a bit of a mini rampage at The Stride, throwing laps on Ben's Wall. Tres bon youth.

Mega respect goes to Ed for 2nd place in his last junior comp in Kranj over the weekend. That is how to go out in style. Good one geezer SHIKADING!

Over haddon local chilling on the podium

This week we are all thinking of heading up to Ilkley to try some different stuff, lets hope again for decent weather. We may also have a new crag buddy joining us out on the grit shortly, in the form of Jet the dog.

Finally check out the footage a friendly geezer captured of Ted on Stumped.


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