Monday, 19 September 2011

Dovers and Nudders

I've spent the last couple of days hanging out with the hamer boys at their ghetto Over Haddon crib! Saturday we drove to Dovedale to try JC's new 8a 'Sworn Enemy' which covers some amazing terrain before finishing up the classic Arch Enemies. Ed and Sam both got the second go tick so big up to them, but massive props to Jon for putting up this thing. A true and wicked line. I'm hoping to go back over the next week to finish it off and complete my full crag tick! Venga!
Sunday I took the geezers to the little unknown venue of Nuda's Tartan! Ted came along for this one and within a couple hours we just about ticked the crag between us, with some strong flashes from Ed. Word to Ted for crushing hard so close to his comeback from injury.
We are going to try get back on Gran Techo this week as well so hoping that goes good. Got a load of snaps from't dale below so check them out init.
And cheers to Denise for all the food, brews, and a mattress!


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