Sunday, 4 September 2011

The end is in sight

Yesterday I came super close to ticking Bricktop, falling from the last hard throw at the top twice. The holds that had been wet and causing the problems previously were the driest they had been in weeks, so it was game on and straight from the first go I managed a new highpoint, peeling off halfway up the head wall. In the end my skin gave in but I know I can do this thing now so I'm uber keen to get back down next week and finish it off. Fingers crossed it stays dry folks!
Another good scene at the Cornice yesterday with Dobbin powering his way up Roof Warrior and Dafydd getting Jug Jockey wrapped up quickly. Good skills youths!

Now we're into September its getting to that time of year again when grit season is just around the corner. We have so many things on the list to do this year and really hoping it will be a repeat of the wicked season of last. There are still a good couple months left, and if I can get this thing done then I would be syked to have a look at a few other lines before the lime craps out.

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