Monday, 29 August 2011


Nothing major has gone down since the last post, just lots of waiting around for Bricktop to dry out. It finally dried enough to have a first redpoint a week or so back making good progress and feeling strong so we'll see what happens. In between we've been ticking our way through some of the hidden crags around the Peak. With the good old crag of Turkey Dip getting a bit of action. Last week we made quick ascents of the crags crack classic Step On It (7c+) and Jons offering, Unleashed (7c). Forgotten just how good this little venue is, wicked for a quick evening or afternoon hit.

Tomorrow we are heading up to Malham for a couple of days to meet up with Robbie and Nat, who have been crushing hard up there for the last few weeks. Props to those geeza's! There are a few things I'm syked to finish off and have a barney on and it'll be good to have a change of scene.
Some more photo's have come through from the Ceuse trip so check them out below.

And Last but not least a huge big up to Ed for his recent success at the youth worlds in Imst, amazing effort and super stoked for ya bro. Peace.

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Great photos.