Monday, 5 September 2011

Won the race!

With the weather looking pretty grim for tomorrow I quickly acquired my Dads belaying services as he got in from work and we bombed it to Chee Dale in the hope my route Bricktop would still be dry. On the walk in we were told it was bomber which got us syked that I might be in with a chance. It was still super dry and after warming up I set off for a barney, feeling strong as ever and pulling past my high point from Saturday, only to fluff it on the last move and watch in dismay as my fingers uncurled from the holds and I went flying through the air. Really need to sort out the whole falling from the last move thing! Tom Randall... any ideas? After a good long rest I tied in again for a second go and managed to send the thing! It is a fantastic line so massive props to Kristian for rigging it up! And cheers to my Dad for coming out and giving us a catch.

Best 8b in the Peak?

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