Sunday, 11 September 2011

Big Roof

Gran Techo is by far the biggest roof climb I've been on and another offering from new route master Kristian Clemnow. I tried the line for the first time on Thursday and as I approached the roof I was at first blown away by the steepness and intimidating nature routes like this can have. Luckily the first ascensionist was on hand close by, continuing his quest for new lines, and was able to shout up the 'improbable' beta that unlocks the Font 7C crux through the horizontal world. By the end of the session I had done all the moves and was syked to try it some more. I returned yesterday super eager and with my ever keen belayer to give it another blast and was able to go from the ground to the lip of the roof! From here a series of powerful pulls land you at some jugs and hopefully victory. Eventually the arms powered out, the skin started wearing thin and we bailed but stoked to see the progression. Fingers crossed yet again that it stays dry so I can try get it done. Really cool to see my good homie Ted yesterday too, eager to get back climbing after his long layoff since we returned from Ceuse. Keep it real man, get those fingers crushing again!

Oh yeah and check out the new ride! Stoked.

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