Monday, 30 January 2012

Sending fest

Even though the weather still hasn't been too great we've still been getting out a lot just lately and managing to get stuff done. We took a trip to the Churnet last week with the Hamers and alongside getting pretty soaked we got a fair few classic things ticked. Sends included: Simple Simon 7B, Sam Sam Tan 7B+, Wrights Traverse 7B, High Speed Imp Act 7A, Martins Mono 7A, Fifty Pence Problem 7B, and a few other things.
Anyway I thought rather than write much more I would just post up a load of video that we've taken from the last week, so have a gander ya'll.
Seems like the UK is set to get pretty cold in the coming days, lets see what happens... Out

Sam enjoying the rain

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