Monday, 13 February 2012

Keeping it real

The cold weather and snowy conditions we'd all been wishing for all winter finally arrived but unfortunately didn't bring quite as many amazing days as hoped for! Nevertheless we've still all been getting out and digging deep! It can be hard to maintain motivation sometimes when every visit to try a route turns out to be dog weather, but you just have to learn to get on with it and be super patient because eventually it'll all come good. I've been getting stuck into the bouldering the last week or so and had a really good weekend sending some stuff on the lime! Most of the grit was pretty much out on Saturday so me and Ted ended up retreating to the grotty local toilet of Toms Cave to check out a few things. After warming up and a good brew I was able to get the fairly new problem of Hannibal (V9) done before heading for cake, tea and rugby with the Hamers. Sunday Ed joined us for a sesh at Stoney, a place I've not climbed at in years, and it turned out to be a brilliant call with most things bone! We must have ticked close to 30 odd problems between the three of us, mostly down to Teds excellent knowledge, nice one homie! Few 'highlights' included Power Allowance, Swing Thing, White Ladder and a total of four V10's for Ed! Good un youth.
Anyway check out some video from the weekend and the pics from Tom and Pete's birthday bash at Millstone, no idea how those guys found the psyche to tie on and get up that thing in those conditions, but waddage to them both for the effort!

Some blonde chic going for it on Masters

Banana man

Ted the Hannibal

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