Monday, 16 January 2012

This is what it's all about...

The cold, crisp conditions finally arrived at the weekend with Saturday ranking as probably one of the most memorable days on the grit ever. I was super syked to get involved and meet up with some crew from London along with beta master Ted at Stanage and hopefully take advantage of the perfect temps. First up was Stanage Without Oxygen, E5 6c which went down within half an hour and a route I was very stoked to top out on! Shortly after Ted joined us and we ventured off to the classic 7C, Brass Monkeys. I came close on the flash and dispatched it 3rd go, another wicked line ticked and in the bag!

Brass Monkeys

We decided to take a walk over to Big Air E6 6b, with the hope of giving it a blast if we could get syked for the leap of faith across the gully. After a couple of test jumps Ted showed the way and went for it, cranking his way to the top with a round of applause! I then found the psyche, dug deep and soon found myself topping out as well. Always wanted to do this old test piece and we even had the privilege of seeing Will make the the FA of the direct start! Big waddage for that man!

Going for it on Big Air! Cheers to Stu for this shot.

Further sends from the day included a flash of the 7A+ Help the Young, a team send of Captain Hook 7B, followed by Glass Hour and Help the Aged.

Ted boshing out Born Slappy

So in the end a truly sick day out with a really good crowd. Definitely have huge motivation for more! Big up goes out to my Dad for his belaying and to Ted for all his knowledge.
Finally would just like to send best wishes to a girl from the London party that fell and had to be air lifted out. Peace out and crank through it! X

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