Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Christmas has been and gone along with the New year celebrations and many of us are hoping that the start of 2012 the UK will finally be able to string together a few days of good weather! We kicked off the year today up at Baslow where I was able to pull my way up the E5 6c, Poppers! A very cool, short line with a dyno start followed by crimpy chicken heads, and a final sketch over the top with the wind blowing a gale!

A short while before Christmas me and Sam had a trip to Eastwood and both sent Jon Fullwoods line Beyond the Forbidden Forest, E5 6b. Such a good crag this place and being only 15minutes from my house its ideal for a quick hit. Syked to check out more of the route here at some point.

Keeping it G at The Works party! Cheers Tom!

I spent much of the 'holidays' at the Hamer household with plenty of training going down in the garage of beasts along with a couple of pretty decent days out. Last week we all headed out with our good homie and up and coming photographer, Adam Bailes! He got some sick shots and footage so massive thanks go out to the geezer, peace bro. Anyway check it all out below, and you can find more of Adams work on his website:

Peace out and hope everyone has a year full of crushing and psyche!

Birthday lad!

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