Friday, 10 September 2010

New Blog

So yeah a new blog up people, keeping you up to date on all the latest goings off and info on whats been going down. This year has without a doubt been my best year climbing ever, which is partly down to the summer being prehaps the driest we've had in years, culminating in climbing shed loads in Chee Dale, taking advantage of the uber dry Cornice. Had some amazing sessions down here with a really good scene and crew and sent lots of really cool routes.
The Water-Cum-Jolly Cornice has also seen super dry conditions and over the last few weeks we've been working and sending routes here, to escape the Dale of Chee's crowds. Hoping to hit this place up again at the weekend.
Done a couple of comps this year also, one being CWIF at thee Works and the other an Open Youth event up at EICA Ratho in Edinburgh. Good times man
Also took a trip to Wales early on in the summer, doing some trad at Gogarth and in the Pass, along with a trip a couple weeks back to Yorkshire! We camped for a few nights and managed to get loads done at Gordale, Malham and Kilnsey. Really syked to get back up there sometime soon!

Sooo super briefly thats covered the adventures of the summer. Temps are starting to cool now meaning its getting to that time of year for some Tor action and then quite stoked to get some cool grit done this winter. Syked man!

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