Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A la Project...

Soooo not much to report really, we has been doing lots of training on some wood over the past week, and have had a few days at the Tor working on the Weedkiller/Chimes linkup, pretty close to this ol rig now and pumped to try get it done tomorrow. Hoping for some more cold temps. Yeahh!
Managed to do a bit of bouldering in between sessions on the linkup too, doing Weedkiller Footless and a few other things round the place. Also went down Rubicon last Sunday with hammered elbows but managed to get Zippy's little addition 'The Wimp'pretty quick.
Grim weather out there today so its been a couple hours on a le beastmaker and plenty of cruising round on thee web. And that iz about it all I reckons.

Peacee and lovee and things x

Have a gander at this...

POU ANAIAK - PANAROMA 8C (webclip) from Jordi Canyigueral on Vimeo.

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