Sunday, 12 September 2010

Mixed Bag

Had a sesh at the WCJ cornice yesterday, but after having four days off! the longest time spent without actually climbing all summer, was feeling a bit rusty. Training on the board no way near makes up for getting out on the rock. Anyway once we'd got going it wasn't to shabby and after dodging the monsoon showers I got on the Yorkshire 8b. Had a few naff efforts, before getting some very good new beta off Caff, which makes the move soooo much easier man. So am syked for getting back on it next week!
And today ended up just being a few hours at the wall. Hoping to do some rebolting in the coming week down the Dale, so we iz well keen for that. I hear its pretty soggy down there at the moment :( bad times! Lets hope it dries out some....

Anyway heres a teaser for the forthcoming 2010 Reel Rock Film Tour, which looks totally incredible! Check it out!

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