Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lime Crushage!

So unbelievably syked right now! Had a well dope session on the lime today, getting a couple of really cool ticks. First up was a trip down the WCJ Cornice and bagging 'Yorkshire 8b' F8a then we bombed it round to Tideswell Dale were I was able to get Ben Moons old scool route 'Culloden' F8a+ done! BOOOYAA!

Both routes are basically boulder problems but Culloden more so being just a couple of hard pulls on good but small holds. Around Font 7c ish. Really stoked about this one! Vengaa!

This last week has been pretty sweet as far as climbing goes really. Been back down the Chee Dale cornice yet again, continuing the siege like (Yes it is still dry comrades). Started work on 'Nemesis' Monday and was able to get the moves dialed super quick, and then Wednesday wasn't fair off getting the beast, so it could be game on next sesh. JC had a close one on Christians new 'Bricktop' F8b midweek and then sent yesterday. Props to you brother!

Back to college next week, bad times, but still gona have plenty of time to get some more proojects done. A Muerte!

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