Monday, 25 April 2011

The white stuff continues...

Had a sweet few days cruising round the peak with my good homie Ben Humphris last week. The weather has been pretty crazy, so it was a case of hitting the Tor during the morning, then escaping the heat and bailing down to the cool sanctuary of the dale. We both got a couple of good onsight/flashes under our belts of some cool routes both down there and at the steep, tucked outa the way venue, that is Beginners Wall.

Wednesday night saw us head back to Ben's place in Edale to quickly knock up a pretty hardcore board, see the fruits of our efforts below! Those guys will be pulling off every hold they touch after a few sessions on that beast!

By the time Saturday evening had come round it was evident that a rest day was desperately needed, after four days on in a row! So Sunday we did just that by having a wander down Dovedale with da bank holiday crowd init. Checked out Eye of the Tiger on the walk through, which looks absolutely incredible and we are really psyched now to go get it done!

Today we plodded off back down the dale again hoping that with yesterdays rest and rejuvenated skin we could hopefully get the 8a Entree sent. After a few attempts I was finally able to pull past the desperate boulder start and cruise on up the top wall to the chains! Super pleased with this, and while it felt pretty much straight forward in the end, that start is still pretty nails. Tough bugga fo show!

Theoria at The Nook is amazingly dry at the moment and had a quick pull on before walking out. Took the drill down to re-bolt this thing towards the end of last summer but the rain beat us to it, so now its back in shape we'll get it a new rig soon as possible.

And finally another quick video here of 'Paint it Black' 7C, in Blackwell Dale that we stopped off and bagged today too on the way home. A little bit of gold it is, with some noice moves.

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Andy B said...

Hi Ethan. Paint It Black actually finishes on jugs just below the grass line at the top of the crag via undercuts in the crack above the hold you dropped off at.