Sunday, 3 April 2011

Return of the Lime

Yesterday saw us hit up the Tor for a first session of the year on the lime! Felt bit strange to be back at the place but was eager to get stuck into Pump up the Power, 8a+. Eventually lots of familiar faces started to appear and after getting the numbers dialed on PUTP, having a few burns and giving Stone a quick catch, I found myself clipping the belay! Super stoked to get this powerful thing in a session, and the syke is high now for more of the stuff. Revelations bekons...

Been back to Eastwood a couple of times since the last post, bagging the traverse and a few of the other cool problems. The trad here looks awesome too so there is a plan to get involved with all that sometime.

Last weekend we had a trip up Yorkshire to sample for the first time, some of famous grit crags it has to offer. First stop was the amazing Caley and was cool to get on some of the highballs and have an explore around the place. Had a quick drive down the road to Ilkley as well, which was impressive to see and a place we'll be returning to soon without a doubt! Check the short video below for some of the stuff that went off.

So anyway the lime is back people and Mr Fry and The Humphris arrived back in town this week, so we will definitely be mixing it up with these guys very shortly!

Peacee ya'll

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