Monday, 17 December 2012

Pearls of Wisdom

 How totally inspiring was it, watching the BBC Sports Personality of the Year last night! So many world class, dedicated athletes with incredibly moving stories. "Súper emocional" as Daila would say! It has been a magical year for sport and last night did a pretty decent job of summing all that up. Unfortunately we missed the Olympics over the summer as we were all in the Gorge du Loup, but I would get texts from home each day giving us updates on everything that had been going down. Which just about kept us in touch with the world.

The amount of training, commitment and effort that these guys put in is so so motivating and really makes you want to work and push yourself harder. If you want to improve and become a better athlete then you have to really put the time and effort in. So get fired up, make sure you're doing what you're doing for the right reasons, have fun and remember... LISTEN to your body!

 Anyway enough of my pearls ya'll. Last Thursday Ed and myself got psyched to hike up to the very end of Stanage and give Low Rider a burn. Neither of us had been further than Marble Wall before and it definitely felt like a mini adventure as we trekked along and the crag slowly began to peter out. Temps were prime, around -5 degrees and we were both proper stoked to get the tick and not have to walk back up again! If you've not seen the video Ed put together than take a look below.

 Thanks to Jon Fullwood for seeking out this bloc. It feels like you're right on the edge out there, which you are really... you could stay up there for a week and probably not see a single person. A great find and great bit of grit!

I also had another sweet day out a short while back with my homies, this time up at Froggatt. Totally baltic but the sun was out, and after the odd bit of cake we all got onboard the send train. Sam made quick work of The Mint 400, E6 6b and Sole Power, V9. Ed somehow managed to fight the bitter cold at the end of the day and climb Business Lunch E5/V9, and I got a tick of Narcissus, E6 6b. Sketch, but its all in the mind, shut it out and squeeze! Grit mode is for sure in full swing right now!

 Getting prepped for The Works birthday party! 
Ted then did this the next day... after partying till dawn and just 3 hours sleep. Nutter!

Walk On By, V10

A lovely present...

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone and thanks for stopping by. Lets hope the cold, crisp conditions arrive in time for the holidays. Have a mince pie on me. Happy climbing. 

Peace x

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