Friday, 28 December 2012

2012 highlights

 It's been another rad year for my climbing! Even through all the heinous weather we've had to battle here at home, I have done a whole tonne of amazing routes.  Some took us by surprise and others I've wanted to do for as long as I can remember.
 I have been able to break through into the next level with my bouldering, something that was a big aim for me at the start of the year, as well go on a bunch of cool trips around Europe with my homies.

I spent two weeks with Ted hanging out in the Frankenjura during the spring. One of the coolest spots to climb I've ever been, and pretty excited to return! I then headed to the Gorge du Loup in the south of France with the Hamer boys for most of the summer. I love traveling with these guys, we always have a hell of a lot of fun together and always push each other to the max with our climbing. I've done routes that without their support I can guarantee I wouldn't have made it!
The five weeks in France flew by, but it felt great to escape the UK for a while and chill. We've met loads more amazing people, from all around the world, over the past 12 months and we're looking forward to more of the same next year!

Anyway here is a quick list of my personal highlights of 2012, and some of my favourite photos. Really hard to choose as there are SOOOOO many, however these are just a few that stand out to me.

New Power Generation - 8b
Leftfield - 8a
Wrestling With My Dangerous Soul - V12
Dark Art - V11
Low Rider - V10
Western Eyes - V10
Masters of the Universe - E7 6b FLASH
Nosferatu - E6 6b FLASH
The Bad and the Beautiful - E7 6b
The Power of the Dark Side - E7 6b
Stanage Without Oxygen - E5 6c
The Beast of Bauston - E6 6b

Happy New Year to you all and huge thanks to everyone that stops by and reads my blog, it means a lot! Also a massive thanks to all my fantastic sponsors! These guys give us incredible support and I am very proud to be working alongside them all.
I am super stoked for 2013, its gona be a big one! We have a number of trips already planned and I'm just really looking forward to getting back on the road, seeing more places and to keep on pushing things forward. Bring it on boi, big up!

Peace x






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