Thursday, 5 July 2012

Vive la France!

Its still raining out there and its starting to get hard to keep motivation levels up. However we are now officially off to the Gorge du Loup in France at the end of the month for the whole of August! We're so pysched to pull on some dry rock and perfect euro tufa, chill out on the coast and forget about what a bad summer its been so far here at home. Its not like none of us haven't been making an effort to get outside here though, we've still managed to find stuff to do, in between getting incredibly soaked in the torrential downpours. Here are few snaps from the past few weeks showing whats been going on.

Cheers to Ed hanging on a rope getting wet for these

Not syked...

England lads...

Local youths out to see the torch in Bakers

Off to Cliffhanger at the weekend, hope the sun comes out! Massive good luck to all our friends competing in the British Championships over both the days as well! Allezzzzz!

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