Thursday, 21 June 2012

Waiting for summer to arrive...

Currently sat with a hot brew looking through the window as I write this , watching more wet weather unfold and wondering if the summer will every actually properly arrive this year... It's been a pretty shocking last few weeks, dodging the rain and a hell of a lot of training indoors.
The trip down Bristol didn't amount to much but it was good to be somewhere different and keeping things fresh. We wasn't totally impressed with the climbing in the Cheddar but it did redeem itself in the end when we all sent the super cool line 'Valley of the Blind'.

I love my sponsors! Cheers guys for hooking me up with some more rad kit!

Right now its all about training for the long stuff for when we all go away in a few weeks time. Steep euro limestone on tufa's is the plan with amazing rest days chilling on the beach thrown in as well!

It was also my 21st birthday last week and big thanks to everyone that made it a good one! Love ya'll, peace x

Below is a cool video from the guys at Mammut, something to watch on another rainy day...

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