Thursday, 8 March 2012

Livin it large on the blocs!

I've been carrying on the bouldering front just lately, mainly because its quick and easy to bail if the weather craps out. Had an awesome session last weekend with Ted again, this time at Burbage South where I came super close to flashing Zorev, 7C only to fall slapping for the top. Managed to get it second go and my brother was standing by with the camera, so check the video below. We then carried on to tick Trellis, Electrical Storm, Attitude Inspector, and Iain's Roof. A pretty good day doing some classics in the sunshine!
I also did the cool bloc of Tetris a few weeks ago now, another one of the essential peak 7C's and something good to take from an otherwise wet day up at the Roaches!

Earlier today I headed to the Tor with Ed and met up with Dave and Zippy for a first sesh of the year at the place. I was pretty psyched to go on Ben's Roof, having never really put any proper time into it before, and Ed was interested in giving Keen Roof a blast with Mason.

After a good warm up and some banter I ticked Ben's, and Keen Roof wasn't far off getting an ascent from Edwardo, but something that will have to wait for another day. Very pleased to get this famous essential tick and feel the benefits of the training.

This weekend its all about the CWIF, and we are all looking forward to watching the finals on Sunday, along with a free burger... and hopefully getting out on the Saturday for some routes! There are going to be some big Wads in Sheffield and it'll be a cool few days hanging out with the crew, with lots of rock climbing!

Oh and I finally managed to upload the video of Gasper doing Thumbelina, take a look at the lad crushing.


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