Tuesday, 20 March 2012

All aboard the wagon

I am full on loving the trad at the minute along with the lighter evenings. Its been really good to finally get some more consistent and settled weather were you can actually go out, get stuff done without worrying about freezing fingers and how long you've got until it starts raining! Burbage South has continued to get a lot of attention, with another hit over the weekend with my revived trad homie Ted! I don't know exactly why I'm so syked for this place just now. Maybe because I have never really done much in the way of routes there before, and there are just so many classic lines to get done.
Offspring has always been something that inspired me, as the whole block is just so impressive and sits proudly on the hillside like the frickin Titanic! Anyway we both got up this and it has quickly become a firm favorite! We also popped down the crag a few yards and did another class E5, Pebble Mill. There is still so much to do in this area and we're hoping we can tick a few more things off before the it gets too much warmer. Cheers to Lydia again for most of the pictures.

Oh and it's looking like we'll be taking a trip to the Frankenjura towards the end of April! I cannot wait to get out there and get stuck into all the short, bouldery routes the place has to offer, and to see our good friend Tanja who we'll hopefully be chilling with for a couple weeks.


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