Sunday, 31 July 2011

End of the road...

Our time in Ceuse is drawing to a close and it will soon be time to pack up and head back to the Peak. Many of our crew have already returned home or moved onto their next destination, but their are still a few of us keeping it real here. We are on our final rest day before two full days of climbing were we are all hoping to send our projects and finish on a high. It has been an amazing four weeks out here, climbing at one of the best crags in the world, hanging out and visiting lots cool places. I'll try to get a full end of trip post done sometime when I get back home.

The crew in Gap ready for the Tour de France

Everyone has continued to tick their way through the classic lines here with Ed getting a number of awesome onsights of some the cliffs hard lines! Good F youth! Along with this we have all also continued to meet lots of new people and plenty of strong WADS, the latest are a bunch of South Africans who have been keeping the camp alive with us! Many thanks to Dirk Smith for spending a good few hours dangling from a rope snapping pictures of us all. I'll be posting them up when they are all available. Below are a couple he took the other evening. In the mean time check out the guys website to see some more of his work.

Sam on the upper section of L'ami Caouette (8a)

Carte Blanche

Finally a big shout out to Caff for his recent ascent of The Big Bang! Mega respect bro!
That is all geeza's! Peace out and catch you when we all get back home!

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