Sunday, 10 July 2011

Ceuse continued...

We've been in Ceuse for a week now, hanging with everyone ticking their way through some of the classics. Its taken a while to get adjusted to the style here and build up a decent amount of of fitness but its feeling like we might be getting somewhere.
A few big sends have gone down with Ed ticking the 8b Violent Illusion earlier in the week and bagging an onsight of Soeurs Froides (8a+). Yesterday he also sent Ami de Tout le Monde, second go, another classic 8b of the crag. Luke also sent it second go and the rest of us are keen to put some work in to get it done as well! Respect!
Friday we drove into Gap to pick up Kitty from the station who will be joining us for a couple of weeks and after we headed up to the crag for a quick evening hit where a few of the guys sent Bourinator.
Our last rest day saw us take a trip to the gorge to check out the amazing swimming that we had heard about. Its a super cool place to hang out and chill with plenty of jumps and deep pools! We'll certainly be spending a lot of time there over the coming weeks. Check out the pictures!
A lot more people seem to have arrived in the last few days and we have continued to meet plenty of cool climbers from all over the world.
Most of the camp seem to be on a rest day today so we might all head back to the gorge or take a trip into town, chill out and hope for a send fest tomorrow! Bring on the pump!

Outs! X
Sam sending The Bourinator in the evening light

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