Thursday, 2 June 2011


Woke up Tuesday morning feeling propa syked about heading down the Cornice to try and finish off the 8a+ Nemesis and hoping that the rain from the previous day hadn't seeped through that much. Met up with JC in le Cromford, we drove on over and quickly made our way along the new approach. Gareth was also down for the day continuing his quest to tick Roof Warrior with some pizza from the night before aiding him in this mission!
After a brief warmup and a couple of redpoints I cranked my way onto the headwall, chilled out, took a breather and quickly found myself clipping the chains! Allez! Its a fantastic route, a true burly classic and stoked to get it done and continue on with the Cornice siege! Definitely up there as one of my favorite routes I've done for sure. Next on the list is the pumpy little number of R 'n' P. Came close on this last year so another route we are hoping to polish off. Keen to have a blast over the coming weekend, so we'll see how it goes.

Next week I will be joining the MockRock team in Leicester for some route setting on the brand new wall they have been building! So check back over the coming days to see how things go!

Peace out

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