Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bricktop Action

Had a really good sesh on Bricktop the other day, and it certainly lived up to everything I've heard. It climbs incredibly well on perfectly formed holds and is a total power enduro fest! Unfortunately my attempts were slightly hindered by a couple of wet holds but as soon as they dry it could be game on... Word to JC for the wicked shots he got with his spanking new camera! Check them out!

Yesterday however was a pretty epic fail. Grim doesn't even come close to describing the weather in the peaks. Its never a good sign as you're walking towards the crag and you see guys with clip-sticks and glum faces walking away and back to the car park. Yesterday morning was one of those times and we were quickly told the Cornice was soaked! We decided to have a run down anyway and sure enough the place was gopping. Not a single route dry, so we decided on bailing to the Tor, collecting people to take with us on the walkout, who also had Cornice plans for the day.

While the Tor was drier the conditions were shocking and many people bailed and called it a day. I hear its still pretty soggy most places today but looks as if this heat is set to rollover into tomorrow, so we'll see what pans out. Not too worried though as this time next week we'll be sunning it up in the south of France with a strong crew and miles of world class rock! We fly out to Nice on Friday then onto the mecca that is Ceuse, for 4 weeks. Bring it on!

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