Tuesday, 1 March 2011

More tickage

Its all been a bit hit and miss over the last month with the weather, lots of rain and grim times but at least there was some relief from the winter onslaught with a couple days of sunshine last week. Popped up to Curbar with some of the crew and quickly dispatched another Dawes scare-fest, Committed E6 6b. Even with the cunningly arranged pads it still managed to feel pretty airy up on the last moves.

Saturday wandered back to Curbar again but quickly bailed to escape the wind for some Gardoms bouldering and did the classic Marks Roof along with Neils Roof, F7C ish.

Slackers is next on the list and should get a chance to get on this thing over the coming week.
Training quite a bit at the moment for a comp in a couple of weeks time at Derby, which we are pretty syked for!

Out brethren.

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