Monday, 14 March 2011

Black Car Burning and the happenings!

Saturday saw us on the way up to Apparent North at Stanage to give the E7 Black Car Burning a blast. I first tried this line a couple of years ago and its been a route I've been really keen to get done over the winter. Then last week the syke started brewing to go give it a proper go!
Once we'd sorted the gear out and got all the moves re-dialed I tied in and went for it and was super super stoked to top out! Managed to get it on camera as well, check out the video!

Had a short session up at Black Rocks the other day also and did the Evans classic King Edward, F7C ish. Which wa cool ya know! Short video I put together of this problem below too.

We've also been mixing it up at Rowtor last week, a place which always feels cool to be apart of, hidden away in the woods on a hill. Only did Yoghurt but well up for returning soon to get the new problem Pink Lady done! Funky stuff.

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