Friday, 25 January 2013

Bloc action

Since the start of the year I've really been enjoying going out and doing a lot of bouldering. Mainly because it has been a bit too cold at times for routes, but its also great fun showing friends around areas they've never been and just doing a bunch of new stuff.

I've had a few sweet sessions at Rowtor with the crew, ticking things like Jon Fullwood's, My Apple and Domes Sitter, which has the most awesome sequence of burly roof techinical-ness. Grit bouldering at its best I'd say. Real big thanks to Jon Clark for the shots, this lad knows his stuff.

Ted and myself have also been busy up at Burbage where we both did the highball/route Nefertiti. Originally E6 6c... but these days more like a 7A boulder... HA I actually don't have a clue. It had been on the list for ages but just one I never got around to, so we thought screw it, chucked a few pads down and went for it. Seriously cool climbing, and safe as houses! Managed to get a quick video of the man of the hour on his send below...

I'm also full on psyched for training at the minute too, and spending a lot of time down the wall and hanging off the board at home. Trying to get strong for our upcoming trips abroad! Time is flying by like crazy and it won't be long before we're packing our bags again and jetting off.

Don't forget to pop down The Foundry this Saturday for a series of Mammut Masterclasses and cash prize routes! Come find us and say hello!

Cheers, I'm off to build a snowman and cook up a curry. x

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