Monday, 30 April 2012

Deutschland JA!

We have been blown away by the amount of rock here. We were expecting it to be pretty amazing but their are more crags littered around than you can imagine. Its been awesome to see Tanja again and see some of the local area. The weather here has been incredible with it touching 35 degrees on our first day, which made a bit of a change from the UK!
We're on a rest day right now, and just got back from the school where Tanja works, as she asked us to come and talk with her students and help them out with their English. It was a bit of a surprise for them I think but it went really well. The big difference between being here and France last year is that pretty much everybody speaks English, even if only a little, which is pretty cool and a real bonus when trying to find your way around.
Below are a few shots from our trip so far, just had time to upload them before we hit the local village for a big Mayday festival. Auf gehts!

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