Monday, 31 January 2011

Grit season continues

Really enjoying visiting a lot of new places and quiet little corners of the peak just lately. Over the weekend we went to Baslow to check out The Grand Potato and while there was no cigar in the end, it was really cool to just be out there in a wicked spot and with no crowds whatsoever, not to mention mint weather for once.
Will be back during the week to finish off this thing for sure. Video below of us blowing it on the last move and with the gear ripping! EPIC! Broke my frickin' ballnut mannnn!
Yesterday we decided on heading up to Moorside rocks for a walk around and again it was real cool to be some place totally different and apart of a very cool landscape.
After doing a few bits n bobs we had a wander into the woods at the end of Gardoms to try find Charlotte Rampling, a scary E6 that I'd spotted in the guide. Came very close to this, getting all the way to the sloper at the finish, before chickening out and facing up to the huge drop onto the pads below. Another line we are very keen to go back and finish off. Word to the guys there for the spot and couple of extra pads!

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